ADV1167 Type&Media S2014 (MF)

Christopher DeLeon

January 28, 2014


The Type in Starrett

A single hour is all it took. A single hour is all it took for me to summarize my neighborhoods taste for typography through phoographs. There are 20 of these photographs. Each photo and it’s subjects not so different from the last. Simple fonts that are easy for any eye to read are can be found almost everywhere you’d expect to find a font. Simple lines, some thick, some thin, but all being used to create what we all should know to be letters from the English language. None of the letters were particularly fancy in any way, shape, or form. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that my neighborhood happens to house more elderly folks than other neighborhoods in the surrounding area and possibly even the borough. If you visited my neighborhood you probably would notice the mini mall located in what many locals would call the center of the entire area known as Starrett City. You’d probably notice it not only because it’s the only stores in the neighborhood, but also because of the big red light up block letters that are used to indicate about ninety-percent of the stores in that little mall. If you were to take a trip into some of these stores then you’d notice that the fanciest font found would be the script like font used in the supermarket for it’s produce section and it’s bakery. All in all, the typography used in my neighborhood is pretty bland and could definitely use a fresh take make over by some of the younger graphic designers of today. This would probably boost up the popularity of the neighborhood and bring much more life to it. For now though, this kind of typography is perfect and will continue to allow for visitors to make their way around without any problems at all.

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