ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

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    The view from my window is vast. Once you get past the fire escape right outside my window which has a bird cage on it from the previous tenants. I live in one of the tallest buildings on my block so the first thing that catches my eye is the open sky. Looking out into the distance I can see into the Bronx as far as 165th where my grandmother lives. There are different shapes and levels of buildings. I have to look down to see the buildings right across the street from me which are about half of my entire building. I can see into their back yards. The front of their buildings have really tall stairs. Its looks as you walk up two flights of stairs to get to the front door. There is a street lamp right below my window that actually works. My street is scarce of trees. There are two across the street and two on my side of the street directly in front of each other. They have bare branches right now. I can see the side of the building of the store on the corner. There is one tall building across the street that is about the same level of my building. There are a bunch of windows and fire escapes on that building too.



    the view from my window looks so beautiful . its a open space . from my window, all i can see a church across the street. the church has a big yard with no grass because it died off. the yard,was fence with medal bars.. i couldn’t see the entire church because the trees were covering it. the trees looked,so,helpless all,the leaves were fallen off. it seems like the trees are passing by and people walking. from the right side of the church i could see little bit of sky with little clouds. But than again the snow covering everything but it wasn’t as beautiful as fall. in the fall the view from my window it looks beautiful. the crunch,yard looks great,with very little green grass but most of them were brown. the trees was my favorite because the leaves were all different colors. also,the sky was clear its was just wonderful to see.

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