ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

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    Ming Zhang

    Outside my window I see a lot of different buildings and objects. I live on the first floor of my apartment so everything I see is close to the foreground. One noticeable object that I can see is a tree in front of my apartment building. This tree has no leaves due to winter, but I is pretty big. The tree is near a ramp which leads to other buildings around my neighborhood. The buildings besides my apartment are other apartment buildings as well as department stores. You can see that these buildings are very close to each other as well as near the street highway too. I can see lots of cars passing by the street as well as people on the sidewalk. There are also streetlamps besides every building . These streetlamps are also noticeable since there is one right near my window. It is in front of a fence which the fence surround an apartment building close to mine. The buildings I see through my window have lots of squared windows as well as one that is rectangular shaped. Most of these buildings are tall ranging from 12-14 floors.


    Supriya lama

    When i look at the view that falls within the window frame, i see several things around. On my left view of the window, i see a old tree which holds some broken thin layered branches. There are also branches which look alike with veins. They are going every direction and reaching out. There are two staircases symmetrically put next to each other. They are placed diagonal way which leads to the backyard of the house. If i look straight, i see four houses. Two house in the middle hanve same design to them. They both have a small triangular roof. They also are three stories building and have six rectangular windows.



    the view from my window looks so beautiful . its a open space . from my window, all i can see a church across the street. the church has a big yard with no grass because it died off. the yard,was fence with medal bars.. i couldn’t see the entire church because the trees were covering it. the trees looked,so,helpless all,the leaves were fallen off. it seems like the trees are passing by and people walking. from the right side of the church i could see little bit of sky with little clouds. But than again the snow covering everything but it wasn’t as beautiful as fall. in the fall the view from my window it looks beautiful. the crunch,yard looks great,with very little green gras but most of them were brown. the trees was my favorite because the leaves were all different colors. also,the sky was clear its was just wonderful to see.

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