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  • Research : View from My Window
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    Jenna Spevack

    Add a reply to this topic that describes the view from a window in your home. Focus on describing the shapes you see and their relationship to each other. Ignore everything except what you see inside the boundaries of the window frame.

    This description should also be written in your Creative Process Book.
    For detailed instructions see Assignment #1 :


    Diana Novillo

    From my window, all i can see is the building across the street. It’s a brick building with many windows going up and down, as well as across. I can’t see the entire building, but at least half of it is viewable from my window. The windows are all the same shape and size. They are rectangular and placed almost perfectly together. The main entrance to the building has a triangular shaped roof on top of the two main rectangular doors. The doors have octagonal windows which accent the building quite nicely.
    There is also a little doctor’s office to the side with it’s own entrance. It has a little circular canopy on top of the doors. The sidewalk is made up of squares on the ground and are also the same distance apart. Because it is winter, the tree’s that surround the building are just branches. They have no leaves and seem to be lifeless.



    What i see from my window in my perspective, i see parked cars, trees and houses. The main part of the view which always grabs my attention are the houses. Whenever i look out my window, the first thing i would see and think everyday are the the houses. They are neither bit or small, but there are right up in your face.
    The description of these houses can be best described between rectangular or triangular. The lines with the triangle shape also connects to the roof top, which is the rectangular shape. what also surrounds the houses are trees and night lights connected to the electric poles.



    Looking out of my window from the second story of the Levit house I grew up in is basically the same thing I’ve been seeing for years. The green grass of my lawn with the sidewalk, and a fire hydrant adjacent to the street. Across the street is my neighbors house with their unattached garage. The grass on their front lawn is almost completely yellow and dead to match the 2 dead trees that border their walkway to their front door.
    Also out of the left side of my window when looking through it straight on, I see my other neighbor’s driveway and the fence separating their 2 yards. Occupying the driveway is an early 90s Corvette, and I only know that because it hasn’t moved in 10 years. The only other somewhat interesting thing I see is a yellow “Children at Play” sign on the grass next to the street on a small patch of grass.


    From what I see out my window, I see the cold, wet hollowed sidewalk with a red bricked apartment right across from me. The sidewalk is more of a diagonal kind of sidewalk, facing towards my building. There are many square shaped windows at the apartment across from me and the lines going down are very rigid. Most of the cars are parked underneath my building, whereas the street signs are facing away from me. The signs are more of a triangular shape and a octagonal shape. The dead trees as a result from the cold winter nights are bristling away from the other side of the apartment building. Yellow lines from the road come down my way, as cars are coming down the hill from the next block up. As you can tell, from what I see out my window, its a very cold and strange site, as from seeing the normal cars, trees and buildings from other areas around people’s neighborhoods.


    Tyquan Sinclair

    When i look out my window all i see are house trees cars & light post. Your ordinary view nothing special. The houses have many horizontal lines on the side and they’re all build the same. Very few vertical lines but they make up the windows & the chimney’s. the side walk has to vertical lines the eventually vanishes.
    The houses are all build the same and the roofs make a straight line like a horizon. The chimneys are rectangle shaped along with the windows. The side of the roof has two lines that connects a point to the roof top making a Triangle shape.the front of the room look like a diagonal square. Overall its all made up of lines and shapes.



    Leonardo Hernandez

    From the second floor of my house, all I see through my window an apartment building across my house. Although a dead tree is on the way of my sight. A hydro pump is there too. My street seems to be quiet for today. Not surprised. It has been like this since I moved here. Lines and rectangles are mostly what takes part from my view. So far there’s not a car parked. Kind strange.
    The windows are square. All the same size. The garbage trash has an oval shape. The sidewalk are designed in a rectangle shape.



    What I see outside my window are different shaped buildings. They all look like they are perfectly intertwined, but they’re not. From my window, the buildings look like really tall rectangles with small squares within them, shaping their windows. Not much can really be seen because its dark and foggy. Now the buildings in the back look like super tall, stretched out rectangles with large antennaes. The rectangled shapes of the buildings look distorted, but the shape can still be seen. The windows look like squares with smaller squares within a big square. The windows of the buildings in the back look like extended ovals. The building next to mine looks like a stack of retangle dominoes standing perfectly still. They look like they were placed perfectly in position. The bottom looks like huge squared pool with an oval shaped car within it. The scar has circular lights and an rectangular back window. The lights that are installed on the next building are semi-round shaped and give a flourecent yellow dim glow, allowing to shape everything else that can’t be seen in the dark.


    Jessica Polanco

    Looking outside my window i see wet tall trees and connected houses with little square windows in the background. Some of the windows have there light on. The trees are not only wet but there naked, there only skinny branches. Right under the trees sits my garage with a gray roof top and a white bottom part. The gray tiles on the roof are rectangular and over lapping each other. There are long cables running in front of the trees taking away from my view of them. I have had this view for many years of my life nothing really changes but the leaves and its color that grow and then eventually fall off. My favorite part of this view is looking up at the moon at night. Nothing really goes on in this back part of my house but I would have to say its my favorite view.


    Randon .G

    Looking out my bedroom window, from the second floor of my home, I first notice a garage with a big square door that is grey. It is made out of small red rectangular bricks and altogether make a cube shape. The roof of the garage is triangular and grey. The next thing i notice is the plastic white fence, made up of individual pieces, that form a rectangular whole. It covers the alleyway, but i am still able to see the red Toyota sedan that is sitting in the driveway of the home across from mine. The driveway is cemented allover their backyard is a noticeably smaller then mines. The home has four white windows on the back and is made out of red bricks also.
    On the far right i see my neighbors shed that also has a grey triangular roof, and red bricks. if i look over that i see participial of the playground mainly the kids swings and kids playground. if i look down i see a covering that is white and pink. the grass is mostly dead and not standing because of the time of the year. Also there is a clothes line that is white and about 10 feet long and connected by rusted brown cylinder rods.


    What i see outside my window are different houses with a lot of different shapes,some are triangular some right-angled and other got some circules on it. Right in front of my window i can appreciate an abandoned lot cover with a lot of barbed wire. The street looks empty as always just some cars and garbage bags on the side of the street. A little further i can see the highway and a bridge, wich is a little bit ironic because my neighborhood is usually very quiet.
    Usually when i look outside my window i always look at the sky and look at the color of the sky and play with the shapes of the clouds wich reminds me to my childhood. Also sometimes let my imagination flow and star imagine the lines on the clouds shaping into what i want.



    Outside my window I see a big tree and behind the tree their is a long fence that seems like rectangle shaped pieces of wood were use to create it. I also see the sidewalk that is really parallel to the street and near the side walk their is a red Nissan parked. Across the street I see a house with a triangular roof and under the roof I see two square windows and the door of the house has a rectangle shape. Next to the house I see two tall trees one in each side and both trees creat shadows that you could see in the square piece of land full of grass that is in front of the house.



    Outside my window the first thing i notice is a small tree in the front of my building and another one across the street. I also see two short rectangular buildings across the street along with parked cars. Theres also a white fence right in front made up of many lines forming long rectangles. Both buildings have different entrances adjacent to each other. the one to the right has a semi circle shape above the door while the entrace to the right has a triangle shape above the door.


    Serena(Xiuhe) Mei

    From my window I see a bald tree, a pillar of the balcony, green lawn, neighbor’s house and a part of their back yard. The special thing is the shape of the tree looks like a paper fan, because the left side and right side’s branches are shorter than those branches in the middle. It seems like sector. So it forms the look like paper fan. The other thing is from an angle the pillar of the balcony of my house seems my neighbor’s balcony. The pillar of my house covered the front part of my neighbor’s house, and my neighbor’s house is a little bit diagonally from my house balcony. So it has the illusion from my view. The last thing is the part of my neighbor’s back yard has a triangle shape and my neighbor’s house is a rectangle. The right side of their house is connected to the back yard. It looks like an arrow.



    The view from my window is vast. Once you get past the fire escape right outside my window which has a bird cage on it from the previous tenants. I live in one of the tallest buildings on my block so the first thing that catches my eye is the open sky. Looking out into the distance I can see into the Bronx as far as 165th where my grandmother lives. There are different shapes and levels of buildings. I have to look down to see the buildings right across the street from me which are about half of my entire building. I can see into their back yards. The front of their buildings have really tall stairs. Its looks as you walk up two flights of stairs to get to the front door. There is a street lamp right below my window that actually works. My street is scarce of trees. There are two across the street and two on my side of the street directly in front of each other. They have bare branches right now. I can see the side of the building of the store on the corner. There is one tall building across the street that is about the same level of my building. There are a bunch of windows and fire escapes on that building too.

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