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  • Journal 6
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    Cedric Durant
    ADV4900 | Advertising Design and Graphic Arts | Fall 2013
    Journal 6

    Journal 6

    Good afternoon class, well I must admit that this was a rough few weeks for me personally. I had a very unfortunate accident going back a few weeks that required 10 staples in my head. So a lot of my job responsibilities were placed on hold, as one could imagine.

    Going back a few weeks before the accident, my team and I have been working on gaining the endorsement of new elected assembly woman Michaelle Saloges based out of Nassau County. We contribute a great deal to her campaign tour, by going door gaining public knowledge of who she is and what she stands for. Ms Saloges is a big advocate for creating jobs and mentoring programs for young under privileged men and women.

    I am proud to announce through all of our hard work and efforts, Ms. Saloges will be awarding Caribe Stylze and Ms. Deon Brown the award for successfully creating a jobs program and successfully working and building a foundation for the Latinos of her community.

    The award will be presented to Ms. Brown this up and coming Friday at a dinner banquet located at the hall township located in Hempstead NY.

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