A Small Section Of My Life

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A Small Section Of My Life
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Hey class. I’m not as motivated as the next guy to add too much personal information while knowing this can be publicly viewed, but as far as the things you should know goes. My name is Gavin Young, I was born Brooklyn, N.Y. but raised in Jamaica, W.I. While growing up in Jamaica I acquired my education from Meadowbrook Prep, the equivalent of an elementary school in the United States. I was well disciplined and well behaved while being raised in a family with strong religious beliefs. On my journey throughout the years as a youth I got drawn to many passions which involved Astronomy, Engineering, and ideas of futuristic innovations. This was mainly caused by the exposure to many of my family’s professions and the sharing of thoughts of future goals with the kids in the neighborhood. In the case of my family, I can say it is fairly large with relatives scattered across various countries but as far as close siblings goes, I was raised with my only sister on my mother’s side.

After graduating Meadowbrook, I left Jamaica to expand on my education in the United States where I started Middle School. While there I experience another world that seemed much simpler than the one I knew before. With this perception of my new environment, I excelled academically and later moved on to High School. In the Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment High School, also known as BASE, I faced new challenges that pushed me to realize that anything can be done with effort and critical thinking. I later joined a class called Science Research where I was mentored and pushed to write tedious papers which also required a research paper due at the end of my senior year. My research paper was based on religious and superstition while analyzing their correlations. The option to stop was given each year of course, but where is the lesson in giving up? This class later gave me skills I would not have acquired otherwise and I’m grateful I made the choice to stay. With that being said, I view this particular class as my most important decision and high school experience.

Graduating High School gave me a great feeling of accomplishment. Even though I stumbled on many bumps along the way, it was a great experience nonetheless. Even so, I still felt empty inside because I was a part of an environmental school when my passions demanded tech, science and discovery. What made this feeling even more noticeable was my hobbies, which involved countless hours of watching Science programs, Reading Science based book (I recommend reading The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, it shows many possibilities of human innovation that I find fascinating and plausible) and keeping up with tech and scientific breakthroughs while I was stuck checking Ph. levels. My passions which have been manifesting in my mind since I was a young child finally drove me to apply to a college with a strong tech program but convenient enough where I could still be home (Brooklyn). I was later enrolled as a student of The New York City College of Technology, where I currently study Computer Engineering Technology and also where I started my new journey. To be continue…


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