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3D Assignment
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3D Printing is the new form of printing; There are different types of 3D Printing; but they have things in commons; they all create three dimensional object creating layer per layers till the whole peace is created. Each layer has a slice of the object; each layer is thinly sliced then printer waits til the bottom layer is dry and solidifies then starts to work on the top layer and so on. The whole process of 3D printing begins with a Digital file called Computer Aided Design (CAD); or design can be scanned into 3D Software using a 3D Scanner. The 3D printer reads the file/image then starts to create layers to exact spec, each layer is compressed as to it blend without showing it was at one point separate/built separate; it sort of looks like a wax built item. Believe it or not 3D printing has been out in the world for decades; mostly used by commercial manufacturers in their design processes for the creation of prototypes for traditional manufacturing; but till recently the equipment used to make 3D printing has been very expensive and slow. Now that the technology is old and faster; companies can purchase it for less than twenty-thousand dollars and outcome would be companies would save thousands of dollars in prototype processing. Nike Uses 3D printing to create multicolored prototypes of shoes; they used to waste thousands of dollars on the prototypes and would have to wait weeks for receive it; and currently cost them hundreds of dollars and the changes can be made instantly on computer and be reprinted on same day. Some companies are not even using 3D printing for prototype they are using it for consumer copies. 3D printing is also used in medical field for instance in Surgery there is more accuracy in complicated surgeries, if a surgeon needs to remove a tumor but does not want to risk the chance of hitting a nerve, he/she can make a 3D print out using cat scan from patient and practice on the 3D item it is also used for facial reconstruction surgery and also building tissues. Over all 3D printing is an actual 3 dimensional item made from what’s called a 3D Printer; which is not the same or not even remotely close to the traditional printer we have at our homes, Office, Schools, Libraries it is mostly used by industries for fast prototype processing; and for life saving procedures. I Hope that one day 3D Printing will be available for home purchase; it would be a great thing to have.


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