2018-2019 Opening Gateways Faculty Seminar

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    Laura Ghezzi

    Hello Opening Gateways Fellows!

    Thank you for making our seminar a success so far. The Opening Gateways team members are so pleased at your level of engagement. At the last seminar (Seminar #2 at City Tech) we started discussing possible topics for our deliverables and we had a broad conversation about finding applications to trigonometry and exponentials/logarithms.

    Please review the current MAT 1375 syllabus and materials (MAT 1275 for Victoria). Choose a topic (or a series of connected topics, depending on scope) for your STEM application. It would be great if you can share your ideas/choices by replying to this discussion, so that we can all be part of the conversation! Keep in mind that there is flexibility in case you find a super exciting topic later on and you decide to switch!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



    Suman Ganguli

    I would like to do a STEM application related to the trig functions, specifically the graphs of sin and cos, and the concepts of amplitude and period. I’d like to create a Desmos activity centered around an application of sin and cos to periodic phenomena (perhaps even something related to Fourier analysis?)


    Kate Poirier

    I’m planning on putting together a project that combines compound interest and finite geometric series. Not sure what it’ll look like yet!


    Victor Sirelson

    My topic is exploring graphical – analytical relationships for functions using Desmos. I am exploring this area this semester. Currently I am using Desmos with the class to investigate properties of polynomials. It turns out to be quite helpful for example to investigate roots of polynomials of even and odd degrees. As we work through the semester I will be considering each topic and developing my project.


    Bruce Kan

    I’m also interested in looking at the graphs of polynomials! My thinking is to have the students develop the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra through Desmos on their own and discuss it’s implications in class.


    Corina Calinescu

    I am now thinking about 2 topics: compound interest and binomial formula. I’ll decide later which if these two I’ll choose.

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