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presented by:

  • Abdelsalam Mali
  • Richard Arenas
  • Yefeng Yan
  • Cyntia Persaud
  • Azmir Sultana


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As a child Diana loved making models, she believed she wanted to become a civil engineer and understand structure, it wasn’t until her late teenage years that she had a change in heart and followed her true passion for Architecture. Diana is a strong believer of “functional art” which, in her perspective, she sees architecture as. She stated that she had a change in heart from civil engineer to architecture because she wants to accommodate for the people inhabiting the structures and give the inhabitants a wonderful experience, one that only an architect can give.

Program Review (Outline)

Lighting (Tatiana):
-Placement of light
– Type of Light
-How much light is needed in given space
Materials (Diana):
– Wall types
– Fire resistance
Equipement/Furniture (Cyntia):
– What each room requires
– Where to place furniture
Classification (Waldy):
– Occupancy per room
– Room type and use
– Fire Ratings

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  1. Open space, so no demolition needs to be done.
  2. There is plenty of space around the site in 3 different directions,except for the Cathedral Place street.
  3. The estimated measurements for the site are 90 ft by 50 ft.
  4. Primary Zoning: Park.
  5. Entire lot Area: 4500 sq ft.
  6. Biggest street around are Tillary St and Flatbush Ave.


1. Structural Review  Abdelsalam Mali

3. Program Review : Cyntia Persaud

2. Mechanical Review : Yefeng Yan

4. Room Name and Numbering System : Richard Arenas

5. Egress Study :azmir sultana


Cyntia’s Week Schedule

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Yefeng’s Week Schedule


Abdelsalam’s Week Schedule

Richard Arenas Week Schedule