Cyntia Persaud


Cyntia has been interested in architecture since high school. Since then, she has been passionate about it. She’s good at using architectural programs, which she’s been learning about for about four years and has been enhancing her skills since then. Cyntia is a good group member who is committed to helping others within her group, she also makes sure that projects are executed in time. Even though Cyntia may feel overwhelmed with the work load at times and may have some trouble with some programs she always makes sure that she has everything done and ready in time for the deadline.

Interviewed By: Yefeng Yan


Richard Arenas


At an early age, Richard was already influenced by his father’s career in construction. As Richard was constantly¬†exposed to his work along with his creative nature, it has inspired him to work in the architectural field. With frequently tasked with working in groups, Richard is very capable at¬†working with others and tries to bring the best quality of work to the table. ¬†He is fairly knowledgeable at¬†using programs to enhance his quality of work, although still may struggle sometimes struggle with using programs in specific ways at times.

Interviewed By: Abdelsalam Mali


Yefeng Yan


Yefeng’s journal begins from his origin in China when he was just a kid. As Yefeng grow, his childhood was surrounded by a newly developed neighborhood which a waked his interest for the infra structure of how those structures in his neighborhood were developed. The way things ¬†were settled around his environment influenced him to follow the creativeness behind architecture. Yefeng is very talented when it comes to adapting to any kind of situation. However, his skills for drawing are not so well developed.

Interviewed By: Richard Arenas


Abdelsalam Mali


Abdelsalam has always been interested in the study of architecture. He is deeply fond of the  environment within which architects conduct their work. Abdelsalam excels at time management, working with programs such as AutoCAD, and conducts himself with excellence when working within a group. Though he struggles with oral communication, his passion for architecture compels him to succeed and overcome the obstacles he is faced with.

Interviewed By: Cyntia Persaud