I have been working on my internship with AAgrapevine for a few months now. I have been learning so much about the company and I have been working on some really fun projects. I’d say that my performance in this internship has been good based on the feedback I get from my supervisor and how comfortable I feel working on different projects and working with my colleagues.

Every time I get a new project to work on, I get excited. Recently I worked on a calendar for 2023, this was a really fun project because I got to pick the images that were used for the calendar from a contest. The company has a contest every year which allows members to submit their images and if their image is picked, it will be featured in the calendar. I enjoyed going through each image and being in charge of picking the ones I liked to be displayed on the calendar. Overall, my experience with this internship has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. 

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