screenshot about the event from my phone.

I recently attended a networking event hosted by Alembike Café-Debra Rapoport: Crafting together. The guest for this event was Debra Rapoport and she was interviewed by Alan Wagner. She is a visual artist and she gained popularity as she makes accessories, clothing, and many more items out of garbage and nontraditional items. Debra talked about her life and her particular way of dressing. She said that it took time for her to build her confidence and she says that it is important to go out there and talk to everybody and socialize with others to build connections.

Debra showed us how to make a hand band out of cardboard, tape, ribbon, mesh, and glue. This was a very interesting event and I learned a lot. Debra’s life is fascinating and she shared great tips about creativity. She said that her philosophy is ” With creativity, there are no rules, with creativity, there is no fear.”

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