United Teachers Federation



UFT – United Federation of Teachers

Providers of all printed and graphic materials for the Teachers union across the 5 boroughs. The Headquarters located at 52 Broadway in Manhattan’s Financial district is a fitting location for a corporation so important. Armed with printers and folders and presses galore, the production team is just as fearless as they are friendly to support the progress of educating. Below you will read of just a portion of the daily machines used by the amazing staff.



Digital Press

Uses “ templates “ on metal rolls sent directly from the computer program . One templates use one color of CMYK each  Lloyd explained as the machine runs the templates collect the colors separate and roll them over the material in layers before being finally pressed and completed.



Web Press

A Large paper roll feeds this machine using templates on rollers for continuous printing and seamless production. A very interesting maneuver flips the paper allowing double sided printing quicker. A split down the middle of the roll, then sheets are cut to length. Production can reach very high speeds with this particular equipment.




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Direct to Garment (DTG) ink application for fast simple and easy T-shirt creation. T-shirts can be printed in 2 minutes or less , followed by 30 seconds under a Heat Press to bake and finish. Orders can range from 20 to 4000 placed in advance. UFT has a dedicated Graphics department whom designs each graphic before being sent and executed by the production teams.