About Me

Growing up, the name Gaige wasn’t always the most popular. The pride I felt to be called a Rosario was a much greater feeling. Through elementary school I found out that art was the best way to express myself. In middle school is when I found myself I started to figure out my likes and dislikes. Going into high school I use my likes and dislikes and I used them has my decision makers. In high school I took Art more serious since it was my major. I learned more techniques and skills that helped me expand my likes and dislikes through my talent and knowledge.


First years of college going through a lot of different jobs that consisted of different responsibilities. The challenging part is trying to find one that I would actually wouldn’t mind doing. There’s a pressure finding out what it was that I want to commit to do for the rest of my life then I have an opportunity in the art industry. Thanks to my uncle who works in the graphic arts for a major visual solutions company I am able to get into a career path of something that I enjoy to do. We deal with vinyls and decals placements for major companies like Coach, Nike and many more brands. Being able to work in a major art studio has influenced me to in ways to enhance my talents and knowledge in the art industry but also open opportunities to work for major companies.


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