Part 3

Session 9: Healthcare Delivery System, by State

Web sites:

  1. American Health Rankings
  2. 10 Best and Worst States for Healthcare
  3. State Health Facts, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
  4. 10 States Where People Visit the ER the Most

Session 10: Barriers to Access and Quality of Care Indicators


  1. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Examine Barriers to Healthcare Access for Hispanic and Latino Immigrants in the U.S. South
  2. Defining and Targeting Health Care Access Barriers 
  3. Chapter 45 AHRQ Quality Indicators

Session 11: Patient Navigation


  1. History and Principles of Patient Navigation
  2. Patient Navigation Facilitating Access to Primary Care: a scoping review
  3. The Role of Patient Navigators in Eliminating Health Disparities
  4. Training experiences of lay and professional patient navigators for colorectal cancer screening.