klever imagination

This project was quite difficult. Some of the difficulties I found were keeping the objects original properties in the typeface itself. For example my shelf typeface was made too tall at first, in order to keep it true to its original picture I opted to make a longer version. It pushed me to be creative and see just what kind of type faces I could find with the given image. Some proved harder than others. My blue paint typeface was rather difficult to get letters out of and when I did I had to rework it to lower case as it was more like the paint itself then long capital letters. Then there was the challenge of finding thr right way to portray in in the final, I really wish I had acrylic paint for my final one but I only had a color pencil on hand.

1 thought on “klever imagination

  1. Anath-El Jean-Pierre

    Your pictures and typeface are in sync, which is great! I also like the subtle patterns that you created with the shelf. I also like that you used the shadows to your advantage to create diagonal lines for letters like ‘N’. Great job!


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