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What is PygLatin?

PygLatin is an imaginary language derived from the English language. The purpose of this imaginary language is to conceal the intended words from others who are not well acquainted with the format of said language.

Program Objective

In this Codecademy exercise we  learned to manipulate the raw input data and learned to use string functions which enable us to concatenate and convert characters to lowercase characters.

Key Programming Terminology


 A keyword reserved by the Python programming language which outputs specified data by the programmer.


 This built-in function requests the user for data which may be allocated to a specific variable or address depending on the program. A prompt may also be displayed onto the screen passing through its arguments (as a string within the parentheses of said function). It reads a line from input and converts said input into a string


This is a built-in function in the Python programming language. The len() function returns the number of items in an object. The arguments of which this function can pass are – but not limited to strings , bytes , tuples, lists, or ranges.


A function which is a member of a class.


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