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Heart Flow

This was my personal best & favorite today. I like the expression and it fits well with the image created with the light source. I order to create this shot we would first shot the subject alone and once the … Continue reading

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Stairwell Presence

Out of all the 333 photo my group and i took, this was my absolute favorite. I actually had the privilege of taking this picture. The shutter speed on this particular photo was 3.2 and F11. It displays the rule … Continue reading

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Glamor Shot

I had the honor of taking this photo which i really like. Her expression is an expression you would normally make in this kind of lighting but i feel like thats the point, because of the contrast between her expression … Continue reading

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Portrait – Sillyness

I really enjoyed taking this picture. We tried something a little different in order to get an expression out of the model. We shouted out words and the model was asked to express the word, mine was “silly”. i really … Continue reading

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Leg Frame

This image happened to be my favorite out of my group. I really love the strong curves in the image as well as the shallow depth of field exhibited between the frame legs and the carpet. I also appreciate the … Continue reading

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Germany Weather I really like this photograph. The photograph is Titled “Germany Weather” which shows an image of a park path surrounded by these huge beautiful trees in the middle of what looks like to by rainy & misty weather. the … Continue reading

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