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LL6-Motion Blur

Post a small version of the best photo you took today that uses motion blur. Write a short description of how you achieved motion blur.

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LL-Portrait Basics

State in your own words how a traditional 3 light portrait is done including a description of the role of each light. Then post a small version of your best photo from today and explain in a few sentences why … Continue reading

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LL3-Lighting Direction

Post a small file representing the best photograph you shot today. Describe in your own words how lighting direction help you create mood in this image.

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LL2-Using Composition

Post a small (in terms of file size) image of the best photograph that you took today. Describe which compositional principles you used to make the photograph visually engaging.

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HW1-Photo Description

Look for a photograph that really speaks to you and that you think is visually engaging by one of the photographers listed below. Once you have selected a photograph, write a 300 word post describing the photograph. 1. Identify the … Continue reading

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LL4-Portrait Basics

Write a description of how to set up 3-point portrait lighting. Name and describe the function of each light. Then add the best portrait that you took today and explain what makes it a good photograph. Is it the expression, … Continue reading

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LL5-Lighting for Mood

In  new post, please answer the following questions: 1. When and why would you as an art director or a photographer chose traditional portrait lighting with a main light, fill and background light for a portrait? 2. When and why … Continue reading

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