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Painting With Light

  This one is my favorite because of the outlined shape. It looks like the dead body outline although he is standing up. To get this shot we had to go through many takes (it really was a group effort). … Continue reading

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Freezing Motion

I chose this image because I like the composition; she’s not directly in the middle but off to the side. You can also notice the collar of her shirt showing movement. To get the freezing motion for this shot we … Continue reading

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Gallery Trip

Aperture Foundation, Exhibit: City Stages Posted on the four walls of the room are images in somewhat black and white.  By having them in a boxed setting helps to evoke the sense of motion throughout the photographs. The subjects vary … Continue reading

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This is my favorite post because it is one of the strongest. The intensity in her eyes bring the audience in. Her eyes are such a beautiful bright blue that it feels as if she can see right through one’s … Continue reading

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LaQuayha Moore LL3

I think this is a strong picture because of the lighting. The lighting helps to create a romantic and dramatic feel. While there is a slight contrast, the texture of the flower is noticeable. The close up creates a look … Continue reading

Posted in LL3-Lighting Direction | 1 Comment   This image was captured in New York City, 2006 by Michael Kenna and is titled Chyrsler Builder, Study 3. The image displays the building as something grand in comparison to everything else around it. The idea of the … Continue reading

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“Angle of View” The picture is a great example of vantage point/angle of view. The height comparison between the men and the building shows where the position of the photographer could be. Instead of shooting at eye level, it is done lower … Continue reading

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