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Painting With Light – Joel Fuller

This was my favorite image from my groups shots because of the concept. It’s taken as the person in the image can’t handle his thoughts or whats happening around him. To get the shot, we put the model in a … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

This image was taken spontaneously. We set up the camera and shot Luisito and both elevator doors opened. The spontaneity made the shot all the better. It’s my favorite shot out of the few that we took. The doors of … Continue reading

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Gallery Report – Joel Fuller

City stages: The artist behind the exhibit photographed subjects in motion. The subject matter was the motion of the congested areas. The photographer used a long exposure time so you can see the of the people and other moving things … Continue reading

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Week 5 – Mood Lighting

1. I would use traditional portrait lighting with a main light, fill and background light for a traditional portrait. Something similar to a school picture, or headshot. 2. I would use a side light for a dark and dramatic photo. … Continue reading

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Week 4 – Portraits

A traditional 3 light portrait is done by using key light, fill light and background light. Key light is used to bring out the main darks and lights in the portrait. It was used to make the triangle in the … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction – Joel Fuller

For this image the lighting was placed to the left of the flower. It created a gradient within the flower from dark to light. The lighting gave the image a dramatic feel, and brought out all of the folds, creases … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 – Joel Fuller

I chose this image because I thought it had a very interesting composition. I like that It has a number of techniques such as a medium shot, rule of thirds and shallow depth of field.  I also think that even … Continue reading

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