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Painting w Light

It took four people to complete this image. Painting with light is pretty cool and fun. It almost seems as if the person controlling the light is invisible. The idea of this picture was a battle between two of my … Continue reading

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This photo is amazing. The motion of the elevators closing is outstanding , and still having someone focused such as Lou Lou (the person to the left) in the image creates a good composition. The aperture for this photo is … Continue reading

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Gallery Report : Class Trip

1. Aperture Foundation My first impression was why are these souls in all the images? Then I realized it was the motion captured in each image. I seen a lot of Wide Depth of Field and i also seen Balance/Symmetry … Continue reading

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LL5 Lighting For Mood

1. Taking school photos would be a good example of when to use main light fill & background because when capturing the photo you want to make sure that the lighting works well with the image and also the background … Continue reading

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LL4 – Portrait Basics

  A three light portrait is done by a person facing a 3/4 view where the photo captures the three techniques. This will allow the broad, rembrandt and short lighting to take place. Broad Lighting is basically when part of … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Lighting Direction

The Lighting direction in this photo is from the back(Backlight). Being that the lighting direction is from the back it creates a silhouette that kind of reminds me of a silhouette of a couple kissing. I also like the negative … Continue reading

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Lesson 2

This photograph is well captured in my opinion because when capturing this image i focused on the screw that allowed the outer part of this photo to become blurry which can be related to the term shallow depth of field. … Continue reading

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Hw#1: Boardwalk on Mini Cooper

Photographer: Susannah Ray Boardwalk on Mini Cooper, Oct 2013 Looking at this photo of Far Rockaway,Queens boardwalk on a mini cooper is devastating. One of the reasons why I chose this photo is because I’m from the Rockaways so … Continue reading

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“Framing” This picture is an example of a technique called framing. In this picture the two green doors allows viewers to focus their eyes on the mali fighter in the middle. Also being that all three objects are green the image is framed … Continue reading

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