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kung fu lightning

I like this photo because of the pose and lighting goes well together.The photographer capture the fighting essences of the model.The light makes it look like i have some kind of power to control the energy around me.

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Electric shock

  I really liked this picture because it looks as if she was hanging up side done on the jungle gym.Her hair is flowing straight up making it look as if she’s saying she’s free.I think the fact that she … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

The shutter speed for this photo is 3.2 seconds.I came up with the idea to have two people moving at the same time while one person stays stationary.The person who is still is the main focus point and is not … Continue reading

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Gallery report

Gallery #1: City stages by Mathew Pillsbury The exhibit mainly displayed black and white long exposure photos which was very interesting.The photos looked as if every thing else was moving except one particular subject or object that he wanted to … Continue reading

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Good lighting

The reason i like this photo is because of the subjects facial expression. She has a natural smile which was hard to obtain because you need to make your subject laugh so it wouldn’t look fake or forced. Also the … Continue reading

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The pole

I find this image most pleasing to me because it is one of the photos that i took that didn’t look too bad while getting the point across.The image displays a close up shot of the pole of a chair … Continue reading

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Central Park Bench

Michael Kenna’s photograph”Central Park Bench”is one of my favorites among his New York City photogragh collection.When you first look at it you think its nothing more than a bench, but if you take a closer look at it again you’ll … Continue reading

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One little girl that stands out above the rest.In this magnificently heartfelt photo by Muhammed Muheisen, he captures this little girl praying among others her age.The photographer uses framing to focus on one girl out of several with a vibrant … Continue reading

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