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Painting with light

Painting with light is a fun technique that gives great results. It is called painting with light because this is what you are actually doing while taking the shot ‚Äď painting with light. To paint with ligth we will need … Continue reading

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Motion Freeze Personal best

Today Assignment was a very intresting and very fun class assignment to do,¬†we were able to capture the motion freeze¬†with a high shutter speed ¬†to freeze the action.I chose this Photo as my personal best, i had Henry jump up … Continue reading

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Motion Blur – Personal Best

This my personal best picture from my group , i love it for the different effects of motion blue of the person walking as well as the motion blur that can be seen in the elevator . We got this … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

Gallery #1: aperture foundation¬† Matthew pillsbury Exhibit: city stages by¬† Matthew pillsbury This was the first exhibit we attended in our field trip,¬†¬† His show is very interest¬† and was definitely my favorite of the rest of the shows we … Continue reading

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Portrait lighting for Mood

Q1. When and why would you as an art director or a photographer chose traditional portrait lighting with a main light, fill and background light for a portrait? Answer: As¬†an art director or a photographer choosing traditional portrait lighting with … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics

Traditional 3 light portraits is one of the oldest tricks in photography to create the best results. The main 3 elements is¬†3 light portraits are: 1. The key light 2. The Fill light 3. ¬†The Back light The first light … Continue reading

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Rose Photo shoot

    I love this picture of these yellow rose taken in a group project in class, this image was taken with the extra tube and with the spotlight light. The Lighting direction is from the upper left side of … Continue reading

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Chair PhotoShoot {inClass Group Assignment}

I chose this Picture because of the contrast with light from the dark class room , with the bright light outside.¬†For me this photo shoot , the chair was almost talking to me and showing me his lonely life alone … Continue reading

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HW1 : Amera-Rime Lulu

The Photo I choose that really spoke to me was ‚ÄúBrooklyn Bridge, Study 4, New York City, USA, 2000‚ÄĚ By Micheal Kenna. The photo is a photo taken in the year 2000 of the brooklyn bridge. it is an amazing … Continue reading

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In¬†visual arts¬†including¬†cinematography,¬†framing¬†is a technique used to focus the viewer’s attention upon the subject. Framing can make an image more¬†aesthetically¬†pleasing and keep the viewer’s¬†focus¬†on the framed object(s). It can also be used as a way¬†to direct attention back into the scene. … Continue reading

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