Gallery Report : Class Trip

1. Aperture Foundation

My first impression was why are these souls in all the images? Then I realized it was the motion captured in each image. I seen a lot of Wide Depth of Field and i also seen Balance/Symmetry in these images. In each image this exhibit had a person doing something in it. Most had a large amount of people which probably emphasized the amount of people that go to certain areas, such as the image at the Toys”r”us in the city.

2. Robert Mann

A lot of colors are being used in this gallery. Pattern goes throughout most of these images and they are well balanced. Most images show the before and after results of constructing and painting a room . Long shots are definitely taken for these images. The photographer has a thing for ceilings and halls. When i first looked at the images everything seemed a bit random but as i went along i began to understand his concept and purpose for these images. The mood for this gallery was calm and busy.


3. Clamp Art

At first this gallery seemed weird but after understanding that the images were composites, it actually was interesting to see how you can mix anything to create a well-developed image. For example the half cat/ half dog image was very successful. most couldn’t see how it was two different types of animals . Most just thought it was a 100% cat. These images are symmetrical and they are also Close ups of their heads.

4. Bruce Silverstein

My first impression was that the images were a bit creepy. I didn’t really enjoy this gallery as much as the others because most of his images were blurry and random . This photographer showed a few women naked with scars in which he tried to emphasize pain in those images and the other images were just creepy and had dark/scary settings . A lot of rule of thirds shown in these images as well as high contrast in some images.

5. Julie Saul

This was absolutely my favorite gallery. Showing the New York City Lifestyle was amazing. I felt like i was able to relate to the photographer images because i went through the crowded trains before as well as the chaos that goes on in NYC. This photographer also showed how “LOUD” new york city is and the variety of things thats goes on as a new yorker. The emotions shown varies from sad, happy, and even angry as it was shown in the subway image. This photographer took images from birds eye view and there was wide depth of field as well. The slo-mo video was pretty cool and how the photographer extended the time . Overall this was the most interesting gallery to me.

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  1. rmichals says:

    I find it really interesting that you used the word loud to describe the photographs in the Metro show at Julie Saul. Of course we know a photograph is absolutely silent. it is interesting to think about how one sense -vision- can convey an impression of another -hearing.

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