Gallery Report

Matthew Pillsbury

It is mainly about city scape and movement. He uses long exposure time to create a transparency effect that helps make a fast paced feel that New York is mainly about. The photos are all in black and white. It uses high angle to make things look bigger than they are, such as the one of the toy r us where the angle making the t-rex look big.

Wijnandoo Deroo

They are mainly images from Rijks museum interior. There are some photos of under construction areas, hallways, and history painting/objects.  Most of the photos have depths and there is balance between left and right side. The long shots taken of the hallway create a depth and the one with the ladder creates some distance. Also, they were all taken in eye level.

Nancy Burson

This exhibition is about portrait view and there are slight changes to them. My first impression of the exhibition was that it was a bit creepy since the first thing I notice was three old portraits with black background. However, the one with the animal looked rather interesting as well as the one that looks alike but one female and one male. The photographer uses close up framing.

Marie Cosindas

The first impression of this exhibition was a dark and somewhat creepy feeling. It is mainly photos of landscape and woman. The photo with the black crow and single tree gives off a scary mood since there are no leaves on the tree and it’s dark. The images are all mainly in high contrast and taken in eye level. Most of the photos are in the rule of third.

Reiner Gerritsen, Adam Magyar, David Molander

This exhibition is mainly about city life such as the subway and buildings. In the subway photos you can see the emotion on the subjects faces. There’s one that looked a bit mad and mostly tired or busy on the subway. They are mostly taken in long shot and medium shot. There’s also an interesting photo from a bird’s eye view of people walking that really makes people look small.

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  1. rmichals says:

    You describe the work well but there isn’t much here about the emotional or physical impact of the work.

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