Henry Huang LL5


This is a good photo because it really shows a serious expression and the side light really help create a more dramatic feel. The angle of his head also help enhance the mood and the fill light really lighten the dark shadows that wouldn’t be seen.

1. Traditional portrait is used when you want a professional look. It highlights all the features on the face since its frontal light.

2. Side light would be used if I want to make a dramatic photo or sad/depressing mood. It can also be used for a serious look since the one part of the face is dark. Disadvantage of side light is that its hard to use it for a happy mood.

3. I would use a front light for a happy cheerful mood photos. It lightens the feature of the face which helps set the mood to be bright and happy. The disadvantage of front light is it’s hard to take any photo to have a serious mood.

4. I would use wide angle distortion if I wanted to make a funny or happy mood pictures since it makes the head much larger than the feet.


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