Lighting for Mood



To chose a traditional portrait light with a main light, fill and background light to make a professional picture. Key light, it is the primary light source that provides most of the illumination on your subject.  Fill light, it is use to fill the shadows created by the key light.  Background light, its purpose is to give some sense of separation between the model and background. It can provide a three-dimension look.

To use the side light for a portrait when you want to emphasize the texture, dimension, shapes, or patterns.  Use side light to exaggrate dimension and dept.  The disadvantage to use side light may be too severe for some subjects.  Some areas are too bright, and some areas are too dark.

When you want the image is bright, use the front light.  It will lighting the entire scene. The disadvantage of the front light is making a very bright subject.  Scene appear flat with few shadows.

To use the wide-angle in a portrait, it can produce beautiful photographs.  It increase the depth of field.  It is a powerful tool for exaggerating depth and relative size in photo.

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