This image was captured in New York City, 2006 by Michael Kenna and is titled Chyrsler Builder, Study 3. The image displays the building as something grand in comparison to everything else around it. The idea of the very tip of the building touching the sky is what makes it so captivating. The use of black and white helps to portray a brooding mood. It almost appears that something strange or bad is about to happen; maybe a storm even. Just by looking at it I feel a sense of grief but at the same time get the idea that it is an old photo. It stood out to be because I have always been fascinated with images of the sky. Whenever I go on road trips I always try to capture the sky, mentally, as it changes colors from night to morning. I also like how the building has a highlight, sort of, from the light hitting it.

The photographer must of had help to capture this image. Because of the almost diagonal direction of the cloud, it looks like it could have been taken from the ground up but because the top of the building is captured and it is straight from eye level, I know the photographer may have been in another tall building or in something that granted him a higher level. There is not much pattern in the photo but the contrast between light and dark creates a gradient within the image. The contrast also helps to distinguish the mood of the photo. One can either view it as calming or as disturbing. The calmness could be from how serene the sky looks and how the clouds are moving. It could also be brooding specifically due to color of the image. The lightness in the clouds behind the building help to put the focus primarily on the building, since it does hold significance.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Good observation that the photographer could not possibly be on the ground. He must be in another building. Your comment made me start to wonder what direction he is shooting in that there are no other buildings in the shot.

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