HW #1


This is a photograph of Central Park Reservoir in 1998 taken by Michael Kenna. The way this photograph stood out to me is that it is taken from a perspective in front of a fence and leaves but it still manages to focus on the Reservoir in Central Park. Looking at this photograph, it gives me the feeling of being laid back and relax. There is not much going on in this photograph but it still feels enjoyable when looking at it. It seems like the photographer Michael Kenna was enjoying the view while he snap this picture.

Michael Kenna took a vantage point view photo of a Reservoir in Central Park, which makes the photograph feel relaxing. The use of line in this photograph can be seen as horizontal lines. The view of the water and the buildings are running horizontal. The way that this photograph uses horizontal lines gives a feeling of timelessness. The framing plays an important role in this photography. It attracts the audience attention to the Central Park Reservoir. The framing starts at the front of the photography, where Michael Kenna purposely focused on the Reservoir, blurring out the object of the leaves and fence in front of him. Pattern in this photograph is shown from the fence, it almost seems like if this picture was shift a little over to the right it could have a symmetry going on. This photograph shows a shallow depth of field because of the way the photo is only focusing on the buildings leaving out the objects in front of him. The contrast of light and dark is shown in this photo by that the object in front of the photo is more darker while it gets lighter as the photo goes back. Contrast of light and dark of this photo makes the photo feel more of an emotional/ sad kind of feeling. It also feels like the photo is taking me back to the old days.





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  1. rmichals says:

    I too love how Kenna uses the chain link fence to create a frame within a frame. Only I don’t think the water is the focus but instead the building seen on the other side which I think it the San Remo, a building where a lot of famous people have lived including Tiger Woods and Steven Spielberg.

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