Painting with Light

Best Light Photo


From the Collection of photographs taken for the day this particular image was the best. The composition created between the shape of light and the placement of her hands make for a well directed photograph. In addition the subjects focus is pointed towards the object which also adds strength to this image. Lastly, it follows the rule of thrids

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Painting with light


First a flash and a photograph of me was taken, and after that my group members came with a red torch covered with a red transparent paper, which that group member moved that torch around the area where I was to make the painting using light.

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The lighting on these sunflowers is front lit. It’s front lit because there isn’t mush shadow on the sunflowers. The composition of this is in rule of thirds.

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Shallow Depth of Field



My best shallow depth of field because it focuses on the center of the corn and everything else is in soft focus. Shallow depth of field is where the subject is in focus and everything else in in soft focus.

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Painting with Light



My idea of painting with light. It looks like a falling aurora of the green color. The composition is of center and cropped. The thing that might throw people of is the position but that is what makes it interesting to me.

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Painting with light



From todays activity “painting with light” this was one of the single best photographs. With the light we painted a silhouette with different colors in the background. This was the most creative way that we used the lighting.

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LL8- painting with light


This photo was very sharp and in focus. A mix of green and white lights were twirled together in place to create the overall effect of Destiny creating a tornado.

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LL2 more composition



This image has a lot of patterns created by contrast of light and dark. Also its a cropped image that focuses on the chair

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Portrait Lighting for Mood



This photo was taken as a high angle view point. This Photo shows his upper body bigger than his lower body. His head looking bigger than his arms and hands. Also his face expression goes along with his hand position. His expression feels like if he was punished and on time out. The over all composition worked well.

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This is my favorite shot from class using soft light. I like this shot because her facial expression shows that she’s in a good mood.

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