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Portrait Lighting for Mood

  This photo was taken as a high angle view point. This Photo shows his upper body bigger than his lower body. His head looking bigger than his arms and hands. Also his face expression goes along with his hand … Continue reading

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Best Portrait

This is a eye level photograph. The way this photo was taken gives the feeling of her being happy, because of her face expression. Also with the combination of the lighting, shadows and the white background, makes this portrait stand … Continue reading

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  This is my favorite Photograph. The way the side light hits the pedals and make the colors go from light to dark, and making the shadows pop out. This Photo is an extreme close up, which changes the actual … Continue reading

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Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis”

Sebastiao Salgado’s Photograph’s are displayed in the International Center of Photography (ICP). Inside the gallery, the place was open, but welcoming. The display of the gallery is broken up into five categories, Northern Spaces, Sanctuaries, Africa, Planet South, and Amazonia … Continue reading

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Depth of Field

In this photograph, the main focus is on the mushroom. Having the mushroom up close in focus and having the background blurry, is what shows the distance from the main object in focus to the background. Depth of field can … Continue reading

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Motorcycle View

  From all the photos I took, this is my favorite photo. the reason is because it gives the viewer the riders view. The Bridge and the building help give that view too, by the why they are slanted. This … Continue reading

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Best Photograph

  In this photograph the chair is actually off balanced, as well as the background tilted downward to the right. Even though the chair is located in the center, my eyes travel throughout the whole chair. The photograph has a … Continue reading

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Manhattan Bridge

This photograh called Manhattan Bridge by Michael Kenna, was taken in New York City, in 2006. The main subject of this photograph is the Bridge, with it’s lights and the reflection it has towards the water. Which makes the photograph … Continue reading

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Last of The Vikings

This photograph called Last of The Vikings by Marcus Bleasdale, was taken on a fishing boat, on the Lofoten Island of northwestern Norway. I consider this photograph an unusual point of view. The way the background landscape tilts downward to the … Continue reading

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