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Depth of Field

This photograph is a good example of shallow depth of field. Shallow depth of field is have the subject in focus and the background is out of focus, or the subject is out of focus and the background is in … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

I really like this photograph because it has a lot of repetition of colors and shapes. I also like how it focuses in the center of the frame

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This photograph is a good example of an extreme close-up shot. This photograph has a shallow depth of field, and it is also balanced. The photograph is taken at an eye level.

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Fifth Ave-Micheal Kenna

The photograph that attracted my attention was Michael Kenna’s Fifth Avenue picture. The photograph was visually very engaging. The subject matter of this photograph is Fifth Avenue. The feeling is very animated and bright. It shows the liveliness of New York, even though … Continue reading

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Free Diving With The Sharks- Donald Miralle

What interested me about this image was how the subject was focused. The photographer, Donald Miralle, uses the shadows around the subject and frames it around the diver. Another thing about this photograph is that the image is low key, it … Continue reading

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