Sebastião Salgado: Genesis Exhibit

On my trip to the International Center for Photography, I found that it had somewhat of a homey feel to it. It isn’t overwhelming like most museums where the share size of the building is enough to make you think how long would it take for a person to see every exhibit.

The building is small but not to the point where you bump into the people that are in there. In terms, of the amount of photos that were in the exhibit there were just about ten to twelve photos in each room that I had visited. The categories in which the photos are broken in to seem to be from country to animals to landscapes. In terms of the audience I would say that the audience varies depending on the photos and in which I saw and walked in to from the various animal photos to the nude photos. In each photo the photographer seem to be telling a story or explain the lifestyles of the various villages, people, and animals. I think the exhibit was titled genesis as a way to explain that every photo showed some kind of rebirthed of sorts.

The subject matter of the exhibit, was one of animals in there ecosystem and people in various villages doing daily actives. In the photos where there were animals, It almost seemed as if all the animals in the photo didn’t notice that the photographer wasn’t there due to the fact the all the photo seemed as if they were just in their natural environments. And, as for the people that are in the photos they just seem to be letting the photographer experience there day to day lives.

The one photo in the exhibit that I found that stood out to me the most was the one in which a whale was submerging back into the water. The photo use various technics from the shot list in which I have learned in class, from the eye-level viewpoint in which you can see the whole tail of the whale as it was going back into the water it also follow the curved line of the whales tail. The photo itself in terms of framing seems to be a medium shot as to where you can see a lot the photo be not too much which lead me to believe that it is more of a wide depth of field due to the framing.

In, summary the exhibit is about various village people’s day to day lives, the animal’s ecosystem and landscapes. The subject of the photo exhibit to me was one that took on a national geography and discover channel feel to it where it showed everything that was in the photo in the natural habitat. In terms, of emotional impact wouldn’t say that I had too much of that because, it don’t feel as if the photo were meant to emotional impact. But, I do believe that the photos are trying to communicate something and that is that every photo can be used as a learning experience as I saw in the photo that were in the exhibit.




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  1. rmichals says:

    I am glad that you felt comfortable at ICP. It is not the Met. You described the whale photo well. I think some of the negative reviews of the show are close to your position that the work is like National Geographic-interesting and novel but without emotion.

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