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Final Evaluation

A few of the concepts I learned in this class have help me improve on the way I take photographs. The First concept is how to use light to create an ambient and help portrait the feeling of the picture. … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

Painting with light could be use for many things including to communicate emotions. The meaning of the drawings could also reflect other meanings such as speed and movement. To take this picture we set a shutter speed of 8″, ISO … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting for Mood

During this class we use different station that each had an specific lighting to create the mood for the image. These two pictures were my most successful. On the first one we see a lighting mood that creates a dark … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

Put of all the pictures that my group took this one is the one that stood up for me. The extreme close up and direction of the light coming from the left side of the flower. You can see every … Continue reading

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3 Point Lighting

The light direction in a photograph determines what type of feeling is set for the picture. Background light separates the subject to the background and give it space in between them. Short light and broad light are use to light … Continue reading

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Irving PennĀ On Assignment Most of Irving’s work was of people he had photograph for magazines including most of his work for Vogue. Most of his work include the subject with an extensive depth of field and the subject is also … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Historical Society

During the class trip we saw a few examples of photographs. One of the samples we got wasĀ daguerreotype. This photographs were one of the fist types of photographs that were available to the public. There are specific similarities onĀ daguerreotype. Technology … Continue reading

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I chose this photograph because it’s a good example of exposure. I use a window overlooking plants to create this visual effect. The window itself is dark to contrast with the background that’s a bright green. The branches on the … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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HW #2 6X6 – Hery Tobon

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