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Personal Best

I chose this picture as my personal best because the strobe lights fill the whole frame and creates a beautiful masterpiece. I especially like how the thinner lights mingles with the thicker lights giving it a sort of vector design … Continue reading

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I chose this picture as one of my personal best because the white space in the background blends well with her portrait. The lighting illuminates her face, and matches well with her sweatshirt. This station felt very playful and fun … Continue reading

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3 Point Lighting

I’ve been taking pictures all my life without realizing the many components to take into consideration. 3 Point Lighting is used mainly in studio, where the subject is illuminated with light in different angles to support every pose and makes … Continue reading

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LL4 – Lighting

I chose this picture as my personal best because the way the light hits the flower creates a bright yellow color that illuminates to whole shot. The dark middle of the sunflower against the petals shows a beautiful contrast. I … Continue reading

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Gallery Trip

Irving Penn On Assignment Penn has a certain way of capturing a woman to appear delicate, yet empowered at the same time. His portraits are mainly landscapes, most of which are fashioned for Vogue magazine. His usage of bright colors gives … Continue reading

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Photography has long improved over the years since the 19th Century. One of the earliest camera instruments was a daguerreotype which made capturing your surroundings much more efficient. People sought different ways to create images other than a hand painter … Continue reading

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LL2 – Exposure

It was beautiful, sunny day as we entered the gates to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This lighting was perfect for the class’s assignment to capture the many flowers with the right amount of exposure. Using an iPhone camera did not … Continue reading

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HW#3 – Brooklyn Botanic Garden  

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HW#2 6×6 -Aisha Ali

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LL 1-Composition

I think this photograph is very successful because of the interaction between the subject and the people in the background. The guys continue to box as the chair remains in the same place which I think is very amusing and … Continue reading

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