3 Point Lighting

We experimented with lighting, Main or Key light, the Fill light, and the background light. The main light is the largest source of light, the light giving off a shadow. the Fill light is the reflection of the Main light.  The Background light is the light source the only targets the background. the main light in m opinion was the most interesting and the most difficult to control. The reason I believe this is because i had a hard time creating the triangle on the opposite cheek, i came close but in my professional opinion i didn’t master the distance and angel, however it was the most emotional to use, me and my group would create such a wide range of styles and emotions because we changed or position and moved the light up or down and its space on the floor.  the fill light was unique, we didn’t use too much of it because there were some shots we didn’t want a warm feel to them. Background light was the easiest because we kind of just set it up then adjusted if we needed to change the shoulder height or chest.  This was one of the most fun because the model could experiment with their pose.

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