Irving Penn On Assignment

Most of Irving’s work was of people he had photograph for magazines including most of his work for Vogue. Most of his work include the subject with an extensive depth of field and the subject is also aware that the picture is being taken. The bright colors contrast with dark background in a few of his picture and others the tone is continuous.  He was a perfectionist and dedicated a long time to get the photograph he desired.

Nick Brandt  Across The Ravaged Land

Nick Brandt has an unique on showing animals. He uses a shallow depth of field to increase the perspective of the animal and give it a personality with unique colors and facial expressions. Most of his photographs are shot in a continuous tone and have a strong contrast between the light and dark tones. His techniques also make you wonder how he manage to get the perfect picture of live animals when he’s outside a studio.

Robert Polidori Versailles

Robert Palidori shows the palace of Versailles in an unique way. With bright colors and extensive depth of field the pictures seem to be alive. The size of the prints combined with bright colors make you think that he has taken a piece of wall instead of just a photograph. All of his pictures include just the palace and no people in it.

Susan Derges  New Work

In this exhibition we saw another take in photography that is unique to the rest. This photographs were created in a studio with a tank of water. The photographs include a shadow that created an object usually bridge. and the water is color with bright tones. the contrast between the object and the water that represents the sky in great to the point that they’re opposite colors from each others at times. My first thought on this gallery was that the photographs were taken outside during the night.

Olivo Barbieri Geographies and People

Olivo Barbieri exhibition consisted of photographs manipulated on photoshop. The unique perspective on his photography is that he’s adding subject to the picture but not trying to hide it and doing the opposite, he’s making it obvious that they’re manipulated. With extensive depth of field he’s able to add new subject and completely unrealistic colors to show the additions.

Phillip Lorca DiCorsia  Hustlers

On his exhibition Phillip has an interesting perspective on the way he photographs his subjects. The sallow depth of field focus on the person he’s photographing. For this project he photograph male prostitutes and pay them to be photograph. The lighting in all of his photographs in continuous and gives it a sad feeling almost as to reflect the life of those being photograph. The bright colors and dark background makes it easy to pay attention to the subject rather than the background itself.







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