Greenwood Cem.

I enjoyed the history of Photography. Seeing the first type of photos and seeing how they were captured and rendered.  Looking backwards in time gave me a new perspective, because modern day we can capture a scene with an unlimited size, and previously the size was determined by the size of a cooper plate that the image was on. another very interesting point was how gentle I had to be when handling a daguerreotype, after a 150+ years, we must use gloves to prevent the oils from our skin and pores from contaminating the historic piece. I especially like the framing that the daguerreotype a nice wood and/or metallic frame, with a glass or mirror. Something that interests me now is how complex it was to print a photograph, having to go through a darkroom and chemicals, as a general printing process, when today the system consists of; Camera-Capture-Edit-Print, and generally print using a inkjet printer. In my opinion  im not sure which is nicer. I enjoy working with my hands very much, but in terms of connivence the ink jet printer is nice but in a different way. Between my captures and a daguerreotypes is that they are in the roots art, weither the procedure changes or not, the fundamental roots are still to express. To say the least I would like to take a modern daguerreotype, just because I would not like to smoke mercury vapors, I feel there are better hotboxes.

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