Daguerreotype-Digital Photography Comparison

The format between daguerreotype’s differ from digital photography today as we have a wide variety of options in our camera’s today. The quality is better and we have the option of taking photos in either black and white or color. The process is also not even close to as long to develop photos. With digital camera’s we can transfer them directly to a computer and print them on paper. This compared to daguerreotype’s where the process involves different chemicals and placing images on silver plating. The daguerreotype process could only produce one image at a time while today we can make multiple copies of a photo if needed.

Taking digital photographs today allows us to capture images anywhere compared to only being able to take a photo in a studio. Camera’s are also more mobile as daguerreotypes were often bigger in comparison. While we are offered different ways of viewing our photos, the daguerreotype was limited to images viewed on silver plates. Due to this you would be unable to display photos as well as we can today. Daguerreotype lenses are also much slower than digital camera’s today so you were limited to taking still life photos. Today you can capture different photos in motion or still and they would both come out clearly.

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