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During the class trip we saw a few examples of photographs. One of the samples we got was daguerreotype. This photographs were one of the fist types of photographs that were available to the public. There are specific similarities on daguerreotype. Technology has change ever since and the pictures we take today are different.  As opposed to photograph I’ve taken during this semester, daguerreotype are made in a different material like silver and in modern days we use paper. The materials use to create the image were also different and it was mostly the mix of chemicals to stay on the silver plate. In modern days we would mostly use ink.

The experience of taking a photograph back then was a long experience. Just to take the daguerreotype there was a 20 second exposure that then had to be sent to a factory to be developed.  Viewing the photograph took even longer back them people had to wait to get the developed image in their hand and not know what was the end result. Today we had the advantage of taking a photograph and instantly knowing what it looks like with the help of digital cameras. Other advantages also include technology that allows us to take pictures instantly so our subject can move and we’ll be able to still photograph it. This technology helps create many new perspectives in photography.

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