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John Bhatia

Gra 2330 Photo1

Homework 1

Michael Kenna – Winter Morning

Michael Kenna captured Gramercy Park during the winter of 2003, he conveniently titled his photograph ‘Winter Morning’. The photos subject, a lone sculpture in Gramercy Park during the winter. From what it appears the snow has just passed, because there is still enough snow on the branches to have them bend, and there seems to be no foot print in the snow. The mood feels to be solitude one object in the middle and many other subjects distant from the center and from the sculpture. It also has a calming feel, as there is little to no motion. It’s also calming because it is quiet, if you were to in vision yourself there at the moment of the click, you would be very relaxed.

More specifically he uses perspective lines to guide you past the foreground to the mid ground. His use of lines also goes vertical, along with many organic free flowing lines caused by the branches. But that also cuts the scene in half, the bottom half is very structured and the top half is very free- curving. There are only two types of figures in this picture, the man made sculpture, which can be broken down into natural forms, and the organic trees. There also is square like shape on the ground acting as the perimeter counter to the circular bowl. The image in a way gets cut into two, the top follows a very cross hatch pattern and the lower portion has no pattern at all. The photo is very cohesive you can cut it up from many different angles and the weight doesn’t flow any heavier to any one side, it’s very structured and symmetrical. Despite being captured in 2003 the image is black and white. The contrast marks the ground negative space perfectly it’s just out of the way enough to get noticed as a foundation. The image has a nice contrast, the details that need to be noticed first have a sharp edge to the lesser important followed by the details that enhance the mood with subtleness. All these elements sum up the overall mood, I feel this image would not look as good as it does if it had color, because there is less to get distracted by, if the  image was taken in color then the vibrant colors of the materials would be disorientating from the subject.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Your description is excellent. The symmetry of the composition balances what you aptly call the “organic free flowing lines.”

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