Hw 1

Morning Traffic, Midtown, New York City, USA, 2000

After overlooking all the different photographers and seeing there various styles only one photographer really stood out to me and that is Michael Kenna. One of his photo’s that reached out and grab me is Morning Traffic Midtown. The picture is a black and white photo of an early morning in Manhattan, which looks like it had had just stop raining before the picture was taken. In the background you can see the unfocused/blurred car and streetlights.  Behind that you can the buildings becoming more blurred until it final disappears into the horizon. This photo gives off a sad mood because no ones likes to think about having to get up this early to go to work or school to see an eerie sight. The lighting also seems to convey this idea seeing how the darkness helps extends the shadow and engulf the light. I think of this as one of those photos that’s just wouldn’t look as good in color as it does in black and white.


In this photo I think the photographer has an unbalance contract and that the black is overpowering the white so it gives the photo a darker feel to it. The photo is unsharpened but not enough that you can’t recognize familiar things such as cars, buildings, and where the sidewalk ends and where the street begins. The perspective of the photo is very narrow to stop the viewer from having gazing eyes to parts of the picture the photographer deemed unnecessary or parts that they intentionally cropped out.  The photo has no type of pattern to show or any distinctive lines that led you to a different part of the picture. I find that the focal point of the picture is in the middle it is the most luminous part of the picture and it draws your eyes to it.

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