The Great Googa Mooga



I was intrigued by the design for the recent Great GoogaMooga festival in Prospect Park. These were created by Mark Miller & Dave Franzese, who worked on the branding for Bonnaroo 2012, which is a huge music festival that takes place every year. The team said that for the Great GoogaMooga posters, they were inspired by Brooklyn Bodega storefronts. I really love this style of vintage typographic design. What do you think?

Something interesting..

hey during my countless hours of  patrolling the  internets I came across an interesting article  regarding  advertisement.This article provides examples of clever photoshop ads that I thought was interesting  to share

Anyone one you guys like?

blog i think everyone should follow

hello i just thought i share a terrific blog I follow in the graphic design business by Justin Cass is very informative blog   with design tips and information about whats going on in the design business. He also provides from other websites and blog that are also informative and helpful.

Anti – Photoshop Laws ?

To me yes it’s a great idea, like the author said, to start a discussion about the sad things that are happening to women and girls because of all the ads in the magazines but at the same time its very controversial because you’re going to have huge celebrities on the cover of a magazine with a “Natural Beauty” header for example, and than on the bottom of the page you will have a statement saying that the picture has been photoshoped. This will create a lot of arguments. To me it’s more of a parents/guardians or any family members job to talk to the youngins about issues like that. Photo editing is someone else’s job and it should’t be restricted like that.

What do you think about this? Read the article and share!

Heres the link:

Design Websites

I enjoy looking at different design websites for inspiration & information.
Here is a look at some of the sites I enjoy. They cover a diverse range of topics, from web design to fashion, but maybe there’s something in here you will like.

Does anyone else have some websites that they use for design inspiration?