The Power of Makeup

This is how we alter ourselves for the public.

I guess Photoshop is not the only way to change the way we look! What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup

  1. lol I must say I rather guess how a person really looks by makeup than by guess through photoshop. I seen some wierd thing that people has done from re making a persons hair line to changing whole body structure lol. However I can’t complain. I mean it puts money in our pocket…right?

  2. We live in a society where we are judged by our looks… I see nothing wrong with enhancing what you have but some people are so uncomfortable and displeased with themselves that they will go to great lengths to change themselves. But in the context of advertising where you job is to sell a product/service/idea, are these changes and enhancements really bad? It is lying or false advertising? Think about the last time you a Big Mac or Whopper… did it really like as luscious with the big juicy tomato and crispy lettuce as it did in the photo? It is the same as enhancing the looks of a person to make them more appealing?

  3. I’ve heard people trying to criticize PhotoShop and how it’s used in the industry, and while I understand why.. we simply just live in a world where good looks can actually take you a long way. I mean, what are the chances of you selling a product from Calvin Klein or elsewhere if the billboards had completely untouched photos?

    • I agree with Andrey comments because people always say things like look do not matter. I agree with that statement but in the real world looks really do matter. Its kinda like the thing about jobs, its not what you know its who you know.

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