Anti – Photoshop Laws ?

To me yes it’s a great idea, like the author said, to start a discussion about the sad things that are happening to women and girls because of all the ads in the magazines but at the same time its very controversial because you’re going to have huge celebrities on the cover of a magazine with a “Natural Beauty” header for example, and than on the bottom of the page you will have a statement saying that the picture has been photoshoped. This will create a lot of arguments. To me it’s more of a parents/guardians or any family members job to talk to the youngins about issues like that. Photo editing is someone else’s job and it should’t be restricted like that.

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5 thoughts on “Anti – Photoshop Laws ?

  1. This discussion has been around for a while. One of the problems is that every advertisement uses photos that have been retouched–cars, food, homes… you name it, and it has been enhanced to look more appealing. If McDonald ads had photos of what the burgers really looked like, would you buy?

    Self-image is something that is not the sole responsibility of the media or advertising industry. As you mentioned Sylwester, it begins with the home environment. No matter, if the ads are labeled saying they are retouched, it won’t stop young girls from feeling less than perfect. As a photographer, I get women who know Tyra’s photos are “photoshopped.” So what. They just ask me to photoshop their photos to look like that.

    A few years ago, Dove did a campaign to try and educate the young girls. I guess it didn’t quite convince people that ads are not signs of perfection….

  2. I don’t think anything is wrong with Photoshopping an image. The problem is that young women need to realize that celebrities don’t look like that in reality and they don’t need to go to the extreme to look like that. I remember when calenders of Obama was selling like crazy. In one of the calender his face was so smooth you couldn’t see a pour and right away I knew it was Photoshop.

  3. To be honest once u put an image out on the web i feel like its almost fair game at that point so for me i wont post anything unless i don’t care what happens to the image or if its something i can say i made like say a illustration on deviant art.

    • Derek, I don’t think the point dealt with images online or their copyright, but more so with the idea that images are photoshopped. Should advertisers be forced at add a disclaimer about the image being alternate or digitally enhanced. Personally, I don’t think adding a disclaimer of that nature will stop young girls or anyone who already has low self esteem from trying to emulate what they see in ads.

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