Why is the Invention of the Gutenberg Press So Significant?

Before the Gutenberg press, books were written by hand, by scribes. With this type of process, creating a book was obviously a slow and tedious production. Gutenberg’s press signifies the beginning of mass reproduction. But why is it so important to graphic communications and the way society communicates today?

Take look at this short video I found on YouTube. After viewing the video, what are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Why is the Invention of the Gutenberg Press So Significant?

  1. The printing press was an invention that changed the world. It’s amazing how an invention that seems so basic can have so many roles in technology today. Without the printing press, the world would be a much less sophisticated place.

  2. It was much better back than where it required so many people to do the job. More people had jobs, since all you need now is a one good designer to create the whole work. It also creates competition and a higher difficulty to get a job as a designer (present time) because you have people with better imagination and better designs when back than everything was so simple and alike that nobody cared as much.

  3. When I look at the video I cannot help but think about how the lack of money held people back. Although the press was created, people didn’t know how to read or write and because of that they were controlled by the church and the aristocracy but the good thing is that later on books started printing in mass production and people were being educated. Therefore, everyone had their own identity.

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