Super Bowl Logo Design Through the Years

super bowl logoIn 2011, the Super Bowl became permanent. In the past, each previous Super Bowl had their own logo. The one introduced in 2011 became a permanent design with only the number and some small regional details changing. I also found an article that blames Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction for the new design.

2011 Logo Design for Super Bowl XLV (Jan 31, 2011)

Super Bowl Logo Design through 45 Years (Feb 6, 2011)

The Super Bowl Gets a New Look (Mar 2, 2011)

The Naked Truth on How Janet Jackson Altered Super Bowl Artistry (Feb 5, 2012)


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Logo Design Through the Years

  1. I personally think making the Super Bowl Lego permanent is just what the super bowl needed. Over the years the super bowl became famous not just for the game but the half time shows and commercials as well. Now they have a logo that stands out just enough to be notice and classy enough to stay forever.

  2. The redesign has its pros and cons. What I enjoyed about the previous logos was how vastly they differed from one another, and incorporated regional themes, colors, and motifs into the design. Past logos, such as Super Bowl VII, with its rounded font, drop shadow, and color story, was a reflection of the times (1973, to be exact). And Super Bowl XXVIII, held in Atlanta, depicted a peach in the center of the logo. I think these tributes to the cities in which the games were held really added something to the logo.

    Sure, in the new logo the image of the stadium will change, as will the Roman Numerals, but it’s just not the same.

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