This is a small park that is located at the end of Degraw Street which is near the Gowanus Canal. The park is called GreenStreets.

This is a corner full of many untouched and wild grass and trees which is located at the corner of Bond Street and Sackett Street. This photo shows you how the Gowanus area has a lot of green life near the Gowanus Canal which could be transferred into some sort of green infrastructure such as a sponge park.

A sponge park that is located near the new Condos that’s along the Gowanus Canal. There’s also a sign explaining where the sponge parks comes from and other details.

 Picture was taken by Whole Foods, and the picture is showing green infrastructure that was made right along the Gowanus Canal and also you can see the beginning process of cleaning the canal.

Some green life that’s near the canal on 9th street bridge which shows that more and more green infrastructure is being implemented along the Gowanus Canal.