Demonstrators Due to housing Issues

Art in gowanus representing the struggle of an artist

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Double tape crossing in Brooklyn/ Housing Protest


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Arts Gowanus Open Studios 2017, Studio 23

Arts Gowanus Open Studios 2017, 6th street

Arts Gowanus Open Studios 2017

Soho Art Studio, 1985

Dumbo Art Studio Space, 1970

Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study

Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study

Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study

Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study

Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study

Activate pedestrian and access to water front environment with mixed uses, residential, commercial, retail, light industrial, M1-4/
community facility, artist studios

Paints from shirt printing studio, Atlantic Novelties

Dennis Degraw, Abstract Expressionist Painter He currently resides and creates from his art studio in Gowanus. DeGraw is a captivating artist who incorporates personal writings alongside his paintings, introducing viewers to his visual work through a personal expression of words and stories. His series of black paint on canvas, have a human story with greater emotions that surround the character. He has little writings next to the artwork, explaining his visual images in language and providing an extension of the work. He moved 3 times through his career, and has faith in his landlord that the studio will be standing. Void, Peace, and love from gowanus, lines path stability, gentrification, multi direction, broken borders “dear Beautiful thing, be willing to dare be willing to believe, light your desire on fire and release your arrow from your bow.”

166 7th street, The Gowanus Studio Space, Emerging-artist complex with gallery & studio spaces, plus woodworking, printmaking & metal shops.

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